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David Cohn is an obvious ego-maniac. How else can you explain all the pictures of himself and writing this "about" section in third person?

His first big break in journalism was writing for Wired. By following technology, specifically the build up of Web 2.0 after the first bust, David realized many of the trends he was following can and should be applied to journalism.

As a result David has worked with pioneering journalism bloggers like Jay Rosen and Jeff Jarvis. He helped Jeff Howe, who coined the phrase "crowdsourcing," on his upcoming book and he continues to rely on his otherwise useless knowledge of the Web to help develop the emerging practice of open source journalism, be it as a contributing editor at or just writing his personal thoughts in this blog. He tries to be as open and accessible as possible. One shouldn't hesitate to contact David.

David hopes you enjoyed this four paragraph intro which was painstaking to write.

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