October 30, 2007

Beat Reporting With a Social Network: Can it Work? I'm still working with Jeff Howe on the Crowdsourcing book. Still working with Jarvis on the aftermath of the Networked Journalism Summit. Still always looking for more things to do. And today comes the begining of a really exciting new project Via Boss Rosen at PressThink Are there network effects in beat reporting? Across the US, a dozen reporters (with beats) are going to try to find out—simultaneously. This will improve their odds of succeeding. I'm still recruiting participants, so read on... Below is a lightly revised version of a letter that went out last week to a number of professional news organizations—some big and famous, some small and unsung—asking if they want to participate. My goal is 12 willing beat reporters at 12 supportive newsrooms. I have about 7 to 8 of the 12 signed up now. This will be NewAssignment.Net’s third major project, after Assignment Zero and OffTheBus. You can email me or leave a comment if you wish to be involved. This is a simple project testing a single idea: Maybe a beat reporter could do a way better job if there was a “live” social network connected to the beat, made up of people who know the territory the beat covers, and want the reporting on that beat to be better. That’s the entire idea—so far. Beat reporting with a social network: can we get it to work? This is probably best done on a blogging-style platform at an established news organization that can devote a...

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