March 28, 2008

links for 2008-03-25 Behind CNN's New Citizen Media Site After a year-and-a-half of experience soliciting material from its audiences, CNN is embarking on a new approach worth observing. (tags: citizenjournalism,) The Survival of Investigative Journalism Amid the hand-wringing about the downward spiral of print economics, one recurring fear has been the fate of expensive, time-consuming investigative journalism. (tags: SpotJournalism) NewsTools 2008 Conference Journalists and technologists will rub elbows from April 30 through May 3 in Sunnyvale, California, at a conference called “NewsTools 2008” — a gathering that promises to bring together people who really need to know each other better. (tags: newstools) Big crazy list of social networking sites for Video Via J.D. Lasica: Here's a Big Crazy List of social networking sites for video. In other words, the top 100 video social networks. sets out lofty goals co-founder Michael Tippett sought to dismiss the idea that sites like would replace traditional newspapers: Newspapers will always play a role in people’s reading habits, in their news diet. There’s a certain pleasure in reading a newspa (tags: nowpublic) To innovate, start small and see how it grows Willow Glen 2.0 Willow Glen 2.0 is a place for Willow Glenners to get together and share their Willow Glen experience. You can create a blog, share your pictures, read local news edited by local editors, discuss local topics in the forum, and share your life in Willow Gl (tags: SpotJournalism beatblogging) Clipmark: To innovate, start small and see how it grows (tags: clipmarks) The...

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