December 09, 2008

The Tribune Company - Survey from the Web The Tribune company is filing for Chapter 11. What does this mean? I don't claim to know. Is it the end of the beginning, the beginning of the end or just a quick intermission? Here's what my Tweeple (twitter people) have to say in response to my question. What are your thoughts? Jessica Estepa (Twitter): The end of the newspapers and the beginning of permanent restructuring of media. NoNeck Noel (twitter): aftr last week's layoff's my MSNBC buddy & i whole heartedly agreed that these corps have no clue what's next. This is our chance! Joey Baker (twitter): It's proof that the old business model is broken. Zell was the drastic side of Old Medai. Time to retool the newsroom. #trib Madison14: I think it is sad and scary but I also think it shows the power of the internet! Jackie Alexander (twitter): I'm not an expert or even philosophical on these matters but I like to think it's the beginning of the beginning. Kiyoshi Martinez (twitter): It means they've bought a little more time to survive their debt. It's what happens next that matters. Scott Rosenberg (twitter): Just the beginning. Massive corporate realignment/downsizing of newspaper companies still to come. Publicly traded ones first. Steve Yelvington: It's the economy. When your customers go broke, so do you. Empires built on borrowing are particularly susceptible. Pelletk: At a friend's holiday party Sat - works at Trib - mostly Trib lifers there. All gloom and hating on Zell's erosion of journalism.

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